ISP 2023-2025


Agora Club International Service Project (ISP) 2023-25

Nowadays, the use of technology starts from an early age, the computer, the smartphone or the Internet are part of the daily life of the modern people. Education is every child's chance to have a better life, to learn a better-paid job, to achieve personal, social and professional success.

By this project we propose to give a helping hand to the learning process and to offer a chance to everyone to have access to information and modern technology by using a computer, internet connection and green energy. We propose a project adaptable to the needs identified by each individual implementation of the project: Laptops4Hope.

Every Agora Club member can participate volunteer in every stage, analyse, ignition and implementation and bring its own contribution to make this project a successful one. The project offer the opportunity not only to improve life of the beneficiary of our project but also a chance for the volunteers to travel, and get in contact with different cultures and experience Agora friendship across countries.

How does it function:

Our association, through its members, promote the project in their communities and encourage persons and companies to donate the laptops and tablets they do not use any more but are functional and complete. Also, donations of money will be collected to sustain the expenses related to the implementation of the project, into the bank account under name: ISP donation.

Agora Club International ASBL

IBAN : FR76 1973 3000 0101 0000 1058 004


Agora members identify in their community where our help is needed.

Together with ACI ISP convenor plan the assignment of all items part of the project, accordingly with the guidelines of ACI ISP, Agora Club International rules and legal procedures of each country. Details of the project can be found on ACW,

The general management of this project is done by the ACI ISP convenor, for any details contact the team here: or through mobile phone /WhatsApp: +40744384121