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Articles of Association

ACI Articles of Association

Internal Rulebook

ACI Internal Rulebook


1. Guidelines how to begin an Agora Club in a new country.

2. Guidelines how to charter a Nr 1 Club.

3. Guidelines how to charter a Nr 2 Agora Club + eventually form the national board.

4. Guidelines how to form further Agora Clubs.

5. Guidelines for Agora Club Godmother Countries.

6. Guidelines for the ACI Board Members.

6a. Guidelines for the ACI President

6b. Guidelines for the ACI Vice President.

6c. Guidelines for the ACI Immediate Past President.

6d. Guidelines for the ACI Treasurer.

6e. Guidelines for the ACI Secretary.

6f. Clarification of claimable expenses by ACI officers

7. Guidelines for the tellers at the ACI AGM.

8. Guidelines for individual membership.

9a. Guidelines how to host an ACI conference: Introduction guide.

9b. ACI Conference: full checklist.

10a. Guidelines Charter protocol of the Nr1 Club in a new Agora country.

10b. Guidelines Charter protocol of the Nr2 and more Club.

11. Guidelines Protocol for the installation of the national board.

12. Guidelines how to receive ACI officer in your country.

13. Guidelines how to grant honory membership.

14. Guidelines organisation of the conference room and other venues.

15. Guidelines Protocol for the presidential drink and gala dinner during the ACI Conference.

16. Guidelines for ACI Web Lady.

17. Guidelines for ACI Secretary.

18. Guidelines for ACI Representatives

19. ?

20. Guidelines on home hosting the ACI BM

21. Guidelines How to introduce a new Agora member

22. Guidelines for Travel Fund



1. Reminder for your national board meeting

2. Reminder for the national association's AGMs

3. Reminder of documents and info which YOU have to send to the ACI secretary by the end of June

4. List of documents to be sent TO the ACI Secretary by the 30th of June

5. List of documents which will be sent to you by the 30th of July by the ACI Secretary


6b. WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU AT THE ACI Councillors Meeting

7. Year planner ACI year

8. List of what an ACI representative has to take to a charter

9. List of what the ACI Board members have to bring to the ACI Conference.

10. ACI Info brochure 2022


1. Application form ACI Conference

2. Capitation fee form

3. Directory information form

4. Individual membership form

5. Nomination form ACI officer

6. Application form FULL membership

7. Application form ASSOCIATE membership

8. Certificate for honoured ACI membership

9. Application for ACI travel fund grant

10. Application form ACI ISP #KeepAGirlChildInSchool - under construction